Innovative Welding Machines & Tank Construction in Houston, Texas

As a leading provider of tank construction equipment, HHM Oilfield Machinery and Automation Inc. in Houston, Texas, takes pride in offering the best and most innovative welding machines available anywhere in the world. Our products, such as the Tank Builder™ and Automatic Vertical-Up Welder, are the most modern and sophisticated customized builds available on the market today.

Changing the World of Storage Tanks

Tank building procedures have not changed that much over the past 100 years. Until now, that is! We have many newly designed machines, such as our new Automatic Girth Welder (A.G.W.), Automatic Vertical Welder (A.V.W.), the "3-in-1" Multi-Purpose Buggy, and our newly patented Tank Erection System called The Tank Builder™.

View Our YouTube Video of a vertical weld test! Innovative Designs

These machines feature new and innovative designs that are modern and sturdy. We offer the Cadillac™ of welding machines, and customize welding machines to your needs and specifications which depend on the type of tank being built and what is to be stored in it.

Tank Builder™ Replaces Scaffolding

Say goodbye to cumbersome scaffolds with the Tank Erection System, a newly patented tank building system. Known as the "Tank Builder™," this system lets you skip the construction and demolition of scaffolds for workers to stand on while installing plates. It speeds up the process of building the tanks and it provides safer working conditions.

Tanks with No Scaffolds

Want to see our Tank Builder™ in action? Please use the following link to see our machine at work in Brazil installing the last plate of a three-tank job. These tanks were built without the use of scaffolds! Contact us in Houston, Texas, for more information about our welding machines.
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